unhandled moon phase

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  1. Hi everyone here,

    We at one of our servers are having this weird message time by time, so not everyday.
    In the console SERVER THREAD/INFO UNHANDLED MOON PHASE and nothing more... It reappears every 59 seconds... or less.....
    Been searching the web but no luck...
    Anyone can tell me what this means? is it harmfull or a setting somewhere that we never heard of?

    Any suggestion is helpfull (i hope)
  2. Probably some warning or debug message from a plugin. A list of plugins would help.
  3. [19:23:18 INFO]: Plugins (50): AngelChest, BlockLocker, PlaceholderAPI, Lift, My
    thicLib, SpawnPlugin, GeneralLib, Brewery, SimpleBackup, TitleAPI, CreeperHeal,
    ViaVersion, ViaBackwards, dynmap, WorldEdit, WorldBorder, Multiverse-Core, Proto
    colLib, PermissionsEx, SQLibrary, CS-CoreLib, mcMMO, Multiverse-Portals, Vault,
    EliteMobs, BKCommonLib, HolographicDisplays, SignShop, WorldGuard, BungeePortals
    , Slimefun, Multiverse-SignPortals, Shop, Multiverse-NetherPortals, HolographicS
    coreboard, Essentials, Jobs, ScoreboardStats, PreciousStones, BannerMaker, Plan,
    Train_Carts, Horses, TCHangRail, TitleManager, TCCoasters, MobHunting, MysqlEco
    nomyBank, PluginLibrary, Statz
  4. Just noticed it again, am currently at 1.13.2 and did not notice it in between ..... Is there not anyone who can tell me where it comes from. I don't know what to do about it...

  5. When did it first start appearing.
  6. AFAIK MoonPhase is only related to the spawning of Slimes.
    So, it could be any plugin that alters Mob behaviour, or viaversion/viabackwards.
    (Slimefun does not alter Mob behaviour)
  7. Thanks for replying, @james090500, Sorry, I can't say for sure, but before 1.13....
    @Goldentoenail, That could be, We use on our servers viaversion/viabackwards, so, I think i'm gonna disable them for a while and see if this helps....
  8. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    grep -R "MOON PHASE" plugins/

    If you're lucky it may come up with something.

    Moon phase is not a thing Spigot uses
  9. Thanks MD_5, I almost was very sure that it had to be a plugin..... I go test now and again, thanks for the reply....
    Ps. I love the work you do on Spigot, marvelous!!!!
  10. As of three days ago, Unhandled Moon Phase is back...
    @md_5, the command you gave is prob. for linux server? we run MS-Server.
    I believe you when you say it is nothing in Spigot, well, you should know, you coded it.
    Then I have to exclude plugin after plugin to see when it stops....
  11. I have noticed that the unhandled moonphase only occurs when my colleague is logged in, actually only on one server. He has the rights to all, and also is only visible on the console during the night.... So, it is related to one person, with all permissions, even op, (not used atm) and it only comes when it is night.

    Any suggestions? Oh, I forgot to do the testing..... darn, wished I didn't had to do that awful job....:oops:
  12. could disable every plugin and then load them one at a time. (do it on a local server like on your pc, after confirming the error appearing on it)

    also pretty sure grep -R "MOON PHASE" plugins/ is for gitbash
  13. As this post popped up once again in my notications.
    I had a VERY quick look at your plugin list.

    The first suspect which I came across was MythicLib, which apparently is not required in the server, and would be out of date anyway.
    (see the Bukkit Link)

    You should check the server log to see if there are any problems, ERROR's and WARN'ings.

    You should check that any other plugin is compatible with your server version.
  14. Had MythicLib pulled from the list, for a brief moment I thought you were right but then after a restart and re-login, it came just as fast back as before... Now I am going to minimize the list until it stops..... brb