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  1. Hey :D

    I want to use unicode signs on my server but some plugins don't work with them, is there a way to fix this?

    A MOTD Plugin (for Bungeecord) for example replaces the MOTD correctly but saves it wrong in the config so I have to set the MOTD again everytime I restart the Bungeecord server.

    Also the signs don't work with a Ban etc Plugin (for Bungeecord) it displays the signs as unknown (question sign in a filled box).

    I also tried \uXXXX but this doesn't work either. I was not able to find a way to fix this after hours of searching on google etc

    This also happens with Minecraft default texture pack (default font) - if I execute the command /tellraw CruisePlayz {"text":"\u00BB"} , in both texture packs (default and my daily use texture pack) Minecraft displays the character just fine - also the Ban etc plugin is able to display unicode (in the default message.yml is exactly the same unicode character I want to use but if I change the messages, it's not displayed correctly anymore.

    NOTICE: These plugins are not developed by me
  2. How are you putting in the unicode signs into your config.ymls? Are they inside " " 's ? or ' ' ? If not, try those so the code reads them definitely as a string.
  3. I already tried both of the examples down there

    Code (Text):
    Prefix: '&bSome text &f» &cSome other text &f»'

    Prefix: '&bSome text &f\u00BB &cSome other text &f\u00BB'
  4. any screenshots showing what it looks like if u just run the configs you currently have with the unicodes?
  5. [​IMG]

    if I use \u00BB instead of the unicode character it doesn't replace it (so it remains as \u00BB)