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  1. Hello there I have saw there is variable witch can add unique Id to every download
    is possible to find User name on spigot by that ID
  2. Choco


    We do not issue bans for account identification numbers found in premium resources. That value can be changed rather easily by anyone willing to spoof that value in order to get themselves out of trouble. We can never be certain if those values are true. For the same reason we don't ban users here if they have a related account on a forum dedicated to leaking premium resources, there's a chance that someone is using a different alias in order to get another person unjustly punished.
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  3. So just tell me is possible to get user name from unique download ID
  4. Where are these ids displayed?
  5. "%%__NONCE__%%"
    • This is a unique ID for each and every single resource download. It is highly unlikely 2 downloads are going to have the same %%__NONCE__%.
  6. But why? There is a seperate replacement for the user-id:

  7. You could try logging the user id and download id in a database when your plugin runs. Chances are, people won't change the user id on the first run.
  8. because that ID is random every time and now if spigot can see by that random id who has download the plugin we could find user which leak a plugin
  9. If you host it on your own site and require registration. You control the payment method, you get the referrer details in your webhost log files, and you get their registration IP and browse-IPs and other merchant details etc. You can link all this with your own database , which you can search.
  10. Yeah... then you would not be able to post it here as a premium resource (think it violates the TOS).
  11. Fair enough. Thanks for letting me know