Unique Faction Ideas ?

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  1. Hello, So i was thinking of making a server and I decided to make a non-op faction server but before we start there are many many servers out there that are factions but I was going to ask you guys on spigot if you have any faction server ideas with a twist it can be anything you want the person who has the best idea will be paid and will be given a rank on the server!

    The AIM is to be Unique!

    Thanks, Kind Regards Mark
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  4. I don't think one unique idea will bring in alot of people & make your server stand out. You need multiple unique ideas and to be honest, everything has been done. But if it was me personally, I would have a sense of "randomness" to the server. Not stuff like different creatures (E.g. Demons, Weird other shit), but keeping the Factions theme. I would put in something that makes you feel like you could win something at any moment. That would keep the players playing. I would put something like a roulette wheel, where you could lose your money or gain prizes and/or money. Something like that, keep it fresh & exciting.

    - The AusCo Team
  5. any factions isn't unique, period.
  6. You need to make your factions unique, make something I can't play on GontrollerPvP so I'll stay. Just stand out, look at what other servers have to get inspiration for what your server should have.