Unique server concept looks for help in marketing.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by HappyMajor, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I have got a quite unique server concept and almost finished the whole server and now I am thinking about how to market my concept efficiently. I started out by inviting some players here and there and playing together with them to look for serious problems in the technical sense but also conceptwise and could already make big improvements.

    Now that completion stands infront of the door, I am looking for partners or ways to get a good amount of players on release.

    I already thought of obvious ways like server lists, but I think this in particular is not really helpful at the beginning of the server and more of a longterm establishment strategy. Youtube videos are also not that good if you dont have an already established channel.

    So if anyone got good tips for a server start or even wants to partner/help me, I would be glad. And of course, if someone should partner with me and get good results for the server, we will for sure pay it when we start to earn money.
  2. Hi! There are many ways you can market your server. If you want a large player base in a short ammount of time a popular youtuber or streaming doing a live event would probably work best. If you have gamemodes that do not require many people to be online sponsored server list can provide a constant flow of players to your server. Mimecraft-server-list.org is known to be a really effective site, but it is also really pricy. If you don’t have that kind budget consider renting a server slot for a few days or a week (make sure this is allowed om the server site) topg and minecraft-mp are not effective advertisement sites. Another really effective way to gain players quickly is discord adertisements, just make sure the discord server fits your niche. And ofcourse, word of mouth is one of the best advertisement methods, maybe add a referall system to your server which awards players for inviting their friends. Good luck with your server!
  3. Interesting.
    Well, the saying goes. It takes money to earn "money"

    I'm not saying that it's impossible to make your server successful and booming with players with your plan. I'm just saying that advertisement is needed nowadays to grow any server. Without youtubers, the server most likely won't be able to get out there in the open & get as much as exposure as possible. I highly recommend to ensure your server is done properly before releasing it to others. Hire a bunch of beta testers to test the server. The worse outcome from this is unhappy players because there are too many bugs in the server. Also, please.... Do not pay for slots on server list if your server is just starting out, hire a content creator to get the server out there. Paying for a top slot in a server list website can be an additional plan to gain more players. Remember this though, no matter how much advertisement you put into the server, if it's not fun or enjoyable, players are going to leave. I'm really interested in what concept you came up with. In other words, make sure to keep the player's entertained. If you got some extra money leftover from this, I suggest you hire a manager. An extra helping hand. (Not really needed, but could really help out with some of the tasks. Obviously, make sure to do research & ensure that the manager is reputable & trusthworthy.)