Spigot UniversalCMDs (Abandoned) 1.1 (1.8.7)

Essentials Like Plugin for 1.8.7

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    UniversalCMDs - Essentials Like Plugin fpr 1.8.7

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  2. You just copied essentials.
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  3. Not aim to Copy it i just try to make an Essentials Like Plugin without the 5k+ Command that arent used uses.
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  4. Some people just don't see the need in a plugin like this.... ignore those people, they just don't understand how annoying such a bulky plugin like essentials can be.
    Your missing warps and spawn though... and there are a few others that I am sure could actually be considered essential commands for a server. And if you do warps and spawns, be sure to save the yaw and pitch, that's something everyone seems to forget about other than the guys working on Essentials.
    Once it matures a little more and gets a few more features, I could see myself ditching Ess and using this and a few other small plugins in its place.
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  5. Thanks for your Ideas, im doing an update and gonna upload it Tomorrow with alot more Features!
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  6. Stop copying :I
  7. P
    No i want to code a plugin that will or can replace essentials.
  8. Well code it in one go and call it something else.
  9. Let me code my Plugin how i want if u dont like it then dont use it.