Solved Unknown AFK Cause

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  1. Hello,
    Since I first opened up my server (still under the works), I've been getting messages like these in chat:


    Important things to note:

    - This AFK announcer is not Essentials
    - It only announces it to everyone except for the player that went "afk" (For example, in the picture shown above, when Charilizard went "afk" it did not send that message to him, only to everyone else on the server)

    Plugins list:
    GiveAll, PList, KeepItems, PlaceholderAPI, DeluxeJoin, PlugMan, Lockette, ChatReaction, DeluxeTags, EditableSign, BossBarAPI, SerializationAPI, CheckNameHistory, ViaVersion, Coupons, CoreProtect, WorldEdit, Skript, OpenInv, ClearLag, BetterBooks, StopCrafting, MessageAnnouncer, BuycraftX, PickupFix, Votifier, ProtocolLib, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, PermissionsEx, SuperbVote, StaffChat (, Vault, CrazyCrates, SimpleRename, CommandDoesNotExist, PlotSquared, VoteParty, WorldGuard, ChatItem, ChestCommands, PlayerVaults, EZPrestige, MyCommand, EZRanksLite, Essentials, LiteBans, SilkSpawners, Multiverse-Core, Citizens, OnTime, MineResetLite, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, ChestShop, CombatTagPlus, RankVouchers, TokenEnchant, NoFlyZone, HolographicDisplays, CommandNPC, EssentialsSpawn, TitleManager, CrazyEnchantments, MineResetLitePlus, CrateReloaded, EZBlocks, InventoryFull, DeluxeChat

    Thank you!
  2. What skripts do you have?
  3. Disabling all of them, will update.

    Edit: Still not fixed. @ExplosiveNight
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  4. best thing to do would either disable each plugin one by one to see if this still occurs.
    edit: try disabling ontime as that has an afk detection it could be that
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  5. Most likely OnTime


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  6. Thank you so much! The cause was indeed OnTime. You spared me a lot of time, sir xD.
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