"Unknown Command" whenever a player doesn't have access to the command.

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    Basically, I want the message "Unknown command. Type "/help" " to pop up whenever a player doesn't have access to a command. Can somebody redirect me to a plugin?
  2. It would be kind of hard to do that since not a lot of plugins have permissions and commands linked in plugin.yml, but if you manually configured commands to permissions in the theoretical plugin config that would probably be easier to do.
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    hmm... I see where you're coming from. There should be some kind of way though don't you think?
  4. What you can do is catching the message using ChatControlPro's packet features and cancelling the message and then sending a message with "Unknown command, type "/help" for help." - and in some plugins you can change the nopermission message in e.g. the language file.

    also if a no permission output is something like "I'm sorry, but you don't have permission to do this. If you believe this is in error, please contact an administrator", you can most likely add a nopermission message in the plugin.yml and it will use that message.
  5. Yeah, that's a good idea. The packet features exist in regular ChatControl too, and I think by default it will change the "I'm sorry but you don't have permission..." message to a shorter message like "Insufficient permission." To some degree though you would still have to customize your rules to the plugins you have. But that would make it a whole lot easier, yes.
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