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  1. 2020-01-13_10.40.10.png Does Anyone Know What Plugin Says
    Hallo - Fehlende Location: 1
    Hallo - Fehlende Location: 2
    Hallo - Fehlende Location: 3
    Hallo - Fehlende Location: Lobby

    When Someone Joins
    I Want To Disable The Messages and/or Plugin Because I'm Going to Get Other Messages to Show And The Messages From the "Unknown" Plugin Will Take Up Space Of The Chat
  2. Do you know what plugin is causing this? If not, could you list your plugins?
  3. likely some minigame plugin you did not set up correctly and is complaining about missing locations.
  4. It's Not The Minigame Plugins, I Add those Plugins When I Started the server
  5. And I Have So Many Plugins Due to Some Needing lib. and Some Are Controlling Stuff, Plus I'm Not The One With A Server With So Many Plugins
    I Know A Server That Has 200 Plugins
  6. Having more than 100 plugins isn't a problem, but it isn't optimized either.
    To resolve your issue, I suggest that you remove 10 plugins from the server, start the server and see if it is fixed.
    If it is: one of the 10 plugins is the issue, you can try to repeat those steps with 5 plugins, 2 plugins, etc.
    If it isn't fixed: replace the 10 plugins and remove 10 others, try again and repeat.
  7. That's Basically Impossible to do That, I Use Aternos And It's Painful to Remove Even deleting 2 plugins+Config Folder(s)!
  8. *Out Of No Where* do you know I Did A Lot of searching on the net to find what plugin Is doing it, But I Could not Find anything on this Message(s) so This is why i posted thisthread
  9. Honestly, I know people have said that over 100 plugins is fine, but that's assuming they are configured and working.

    You have various plugins that are not working, I'm sure you haven't configured all of them either (or else you likely know the source of the issue)
    Theres so many different possibilities here its pretty mad.

    As mentioned by Max, start removing some that are likely to be sending out messages.
    This is your best bet.

    Edit: You even have plugins installed that do the same thing. You have 3 plugins that work on ClearChat.... Idk what mindset you were in when setting all that up.
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  10. I found online that BedWarsRel is probably the cause of those messages, check it out
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    You do realize you have a computer right? You can run the server off your own computer. Download it from Aternos and fire it up locally. Don't remove any plugins initially, as you want to ensure you can replicate it. Once you can, then you start the process.
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  12. I Cannot download it from aternos, Aternos Team does not want Viruses So Users Don't have the option to Download or Upload A server
    The Only thing you can download and upload is The Server's Worlds
  13. and Maxx_Qc the Bedwars Plugins Are Not Compatible with minecraft 1.14.4
    So That Cannot Run Anything The Bedwars Plugins On the server are 'Dead' and Don't Work at All
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    Wow, that's pretty shitty. I'd get a real host if I were you.
  15. Look aternos is free and I Don't Need A Phone Number and Where I Live
    For Aternos, To Be Fear If I Started A Server Hosting Business I Would Also Restrict Users So Viruses Cannot Infect The System, A Simple .JAR Can Act As A Mod and/or Plugin But Infect The Systems
  16. I use server.pro for making those super temporal servers using their free plan. They allow me to log into the server with SFTP something that is pretty important to me.

    Besides that, you really need to make the troubleshoot in order to dectect the plugin that is sending the messeges. You can also rename the file extension of the plugin to "disable" it. Ex: EssentialsX.jar to EssentialsX.jarDIS
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    You know what they say; you get what you pay for. At least server.pro sounds better from how Itaquito describes it.
  18. This is just useless limiting. Professional hosts set up virtual servers for each customer so they are separated.
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  19. Look, If You Rename A Mod/plugin to [Name].jar to .temp, .jar.tlauncher Etc.
    You Just Rename The File type To Anything But .jar or .zip Then The Loader For The Mods and/or Plugins Will not Read The File