Unknown Plugin???

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  1. Hi guys!

    I have a plugin on my server which is opening a GUI on command and it is not deluxemenus or chestcommands

    ps my dev put this plugin in

    if someone can tell me if there are any cmds to find out this plugin i would appreciate it and i have been through my plugin list to look and still dont know

    Many Thanks
    QuantumFactions Server owner
  2. Look at the name of the Jar file. Or just post a screenshot here of the plugin list and we can look it up.
    Usually /help pluginname would do.
    p.s if you don't trust a dev or any dev don't give them that rank/power.
  3. Give us a list of what plugins you're using.
  4. i managed to find out what plugin it was, but i removed it and now says unknown command when i do /kit or /warp
  5. [12:51:40 INFO]: Plugins (100): PlugMan, altchecker, ChatManagerPlus, PsychoEnchantments, DeluxeTags, CustomEnchants, MadeEssentials, ClaimLevels, ViaVersion, CropHopper, ReflexAPI, MonthlyCrates, PotionStacker, Merchants, WildX, FactionsSOTW, MessageAnnouncer, ActionHealth, EasyBackup, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, NoWaterRedstone, GuiRedeemMCMMO, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, Vouchers, PermissionsEx, StaffChat, Helix, ShockwaveUUID, NoHopperCraft, CleanroomGenerator, CrazyCrates, InviteSystem, DeluxeCommands, Boss, NametagEdit, TnTFill, SkinsRestorer, TreesDupePatches, AutoRestart, MobCoins, EpicWorldGenerator, LagMonitor, MadeSponge, CoreProtect, WorldEdit, ClearLag, RaidingPatches, WorldBorder, PingCheck, BuycraftX, JellyLegs, Votifier, EditDrops, eZProtector, ItemTags, ObsidianBreaker, AdvancedRepair, RandomBox, Vault, WorldBorderPatch, ViaRewind, EpicRename, MoneyPouch, HolographicDisplays, VoteParty, AAC, ChatItem, ChestCommands, PlayerVaults, Citizens, WorldGuard, Essentials, LiteBans, KitAdder, GenBuckets_TestBuild, UltimateCasino, PremiumVanish, EssentialsChat, GAListener, HarvesterHoe, EssentialsSpawn, TitleManager, SellStick, CombatTagPlus, CoinFlipper, EZBucket, FactionsTop, FactionsTopv5Chat, Factions, FactionUUIDLogout, FBasics, ChunkMiner, KoTH, Scaffold, SilkSpawners, FactionChat, HeadHunter, ShopGUIPlus, PrinterMode
  6. What was the name of the plugin (if it was not custom)?
  7. To find the name of the plugin you can download PlugMan, that is a very useful plugin and you can do /plugman lookup <command> to find the plugin