Bukkit Unlimited Anvil 1.1

Never have to replace those pesky anvils again!

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    Unlimited Anvil - Never have to replace those pesky anvils again!

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  2. Works fine so far, only issue I've noticed is that the anvil changes direction depending on what angle you use it from..
  3. I thought I fixed that. I'll take a look for you.
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  4. Going to have to switch to another unbreaking anvil plugin, sorry.
  5. Haven't been home to have this fixed yet, but feel free to switch back once you see the update with the patch ;)
  6. @NmExHunTeRz Fixed your issue if you're still interested in the plugin.
  7. Yep switched back to this plugin, turns out even the other anvil plugin had some issues, thanks!
  8. does this also affect, anvils that normaly players craft? i hope not :D

    28.07 09:10:01 [Server] WARN Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: me/signatured/unlimitedanvil/Main : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

    u just compiled for java 8 :(
    This is not good, still most hoster just support Java 7....
  9. It doesn't effect anvils players craft. Someone with the permission now would have to make it an unlimited anvil by using the command.

    I usually compile in Java 8 because I use lambda, which Java 7 doesn't support. I'll look into compiling with Java 7 and uploading it.
  10. Hey do you think you could add an eco cost option?

    I want to let my donators set unbreakable anvils for their factions and it would be ideal to charge for this.

  11. I might be using this for charity craft. Testing it out now :)
  12. Theepwner


    I don't think it's fixed.
    When the anvil is fixed it rotates to like a default position?
  13. I haven't tested this plugin with the newer versions.
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