Spigot Unlimited Enchants V2.4

Enchant over the natural code!

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    Unlimited Enchants - Enchant over the natural code!

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  2. Make a suggestion to increase the enchanting chance and enchanting level limitEnchanting chance can be customized
  3. I will look after this if it is possible for me to make this suggestion true
  4. [QUOTE =“ iiJqn,post:3904253,member:585028”]如果有可能我可以使这个建议成为现实,我会照管的。[/ QUOTE]
  5. There is a high chance that it is gonna be in the update ( 1.4 and 1.4.1 ) the diference of the versions is gonna stand in the update
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    V2.3 UPDATE

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  7. I'm having some trouble with /enchant mending on a fishing rod
    the result I get is as follows;
    "mending" is not a valid argument
  8. This plugin actually breaks all rods enchanted by it
  9. Hey i was here to report a glitch that i cant enchant some items like netherite and ETC
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  10. I will see what the problem is you will see an update if fixed :p :D
  11. And some enchants like frostwalker riptide wont work it says not a valid enchant and alot of things