Spigot Unlimited Jump and Run [1.8, 1.9, 1.10] 1.3.4

Fun and unlimited jump and run for your lobbies!

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    Unlimited Jump and Run - Unlimited Jump and Run like the plugin on GommeHD

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  2. God Plugin! But can you make a config with the sound when you jump on a block. And maybe config for the blocks or random color blocks. + disabled worlds
  3. Yeah i will add this. :)
  4. I have an idea for colored blocks: the players with the permission ug.color can open a GUI and pick their block
  5. Ok. Maybe i will add this. ;)
  6. Can you make for the config a variable for ä ö ü (%ae% %oe% %ue%)
  7. It actually is just type öüa and it will work.
  8. I have testet it but the ü will be replaced with \xc3\xbc in the config
  9. For me it works. o.o (Ingame)
  10. In my ingame its these strange A
  11. But it is the same like in ChestCommands, one item works with ü and the other ther will be displayed ??
  12. It works perfectly. :O
    There should be a öäü

  13. Config:
    message: "&2Du hast &a&l%blockcounter% &2Sprünge!" » message: "&2Du hast &a&l%blockcounter% &2Spr\xc3\xbcnge!"

    Image: upload_2016-1-21_16-45-25.png
  14. Alright i will add it.
    Update is right there. :)
  15. What do you mean?