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Rejected Unprotected Half Slabs In World Guard Regions

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by alex_markey, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. This is 100% a result of spigot. From reading around other users have had this issue, and it has not been a result from World Guard.


    All of the above links are duplicate issues of my problem. In almost all of them, The developer of world guard is explaining that it is Craftbukkit.jar Not the WorldGuard.jar. The second last link says this:

    "I believe this is probably a Bukkit issue. I had to fix this issue last year in like March 2011 in Bukkit, and it may have returned. The way Bukkit, last I checked (a year ago), handles a block place is to perform the place, call the event, and then undo it. Unfortunately this scheme, at the time, completely did not work for half steps. I don't know about now though." - Quote Sk89q.
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    Yet other Spigot users have no issue.
  3. Puremin0rez


    I do not have this issue and I'm using the latest WG and WE build as of a few days ago and the latest Spigot as of last night.
  4. Any suggestions what this could be then???
  5. it is now confirmed that the plugin "CreativeControl" was casusing this bug.
  6. I have just requested the dev of CreativeControl to fix this bug, Hoping that i get a response :L
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    Do you really need to post 3 times in a row? There is a handy dandy edit button.
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  8. Ok, Creative Control is not the issue. Confirmed that it is spigot: To reproduce the issue watch the video below.

    The glitch is not present if u try placing a slab on top of another slab (Like i thought)
    The glitch is only present if you place a slab by right clicking on a full block behind it, Making it then into a full block

    This issue is also present in craftbukkit (They have not yet fixed) and it is not just my server (Also tested on my PVP server). It is neither World Guard because my PVP server was with factions (Faction protected zone)
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  9. Show in code how this is a CB/B problem then it can be fixed.

    or reproduce it in multiple protection plugins
  10. I have reproduced this in 2protection plugins (Factions, WorldGuard), I am not a coder so idk how to show it in code.

    i am able to reproduce this issue with NO plugins installed, Using only the spawn protection.
    I have just done little research, And the "Block Place Event" is never cast when you place a block that way.
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  11. just an FYI for others this is a confirmed issue, but its not a spigot issue. CraftBukkit has a bug filed from months ago about this. It is up to them to fix it.
  12. Yer, i have talked to MD and is teliling me that this will not be fixed unless i get the bukkit team to fix it :L
  13. Which is the way it should be. This isn't a "major" problem and its unrelated to spigot.
  14. I think what you mean is, This is not major to your server. This has caused quite a lot of griefs on my server related to a plot world. If u owned my server, you would understand why i am wanting it fixed.
  15. this is now fixed in CB
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    Just working on automatically pulling it through our merge system.