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  1. Hey guys so I have around 500-1000$ to drop into my server this month my server is currently factions should I keep it facs and make it very unquie or have a custom gamemode?
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    unnnquayay ideas

    this thread is derp. why would anyone give an idea that would make them money, and is supposedly 'unique', to some stranger on a forum ;-;

    as my cowboy once said:
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  3. -_- don't spam
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    i edited it.

    i wish this thread was in off topic.
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  5. Ironic.
    U waited a whole 4 minutes to bump.
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  6. Personally factions has its ups and downs but custom gamemodes are very attractive to players because it offers a unique experience that they can't get anywhere else creating a need for players to play on your server IE more people and more populartity
  7. V
    Year just can't think of one
  8. Get creative; you can make anything.
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  9. You have to keep in mind that most members here are server owners. So, if we got an unique idea, why share it with you when we can go ahead and create it ourselves. If you are truely deperate for an idea, go to mcf and ask around. Also, I'm not sure but I think there is a creative idea shop in the spigot services section ;)
  10. there is but I believe it is closed: