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All in one API for bukkit/spigot developpers.

  1. Unreal852 submitted a new resource:

    UnrealAPI - All in one API for bukkit/spigot developpers.

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  2. maybe think about adding support for spigot 1.8
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  3. and some methods are already available by java directly (for example some from mathutils)
  4. Hi janmm14, thank you for reply, i'm adding 1.8 support, it will be out very soon.
    For the methods, i know, but some are just little help like randInt between two values etc.
  5. Techable why do you want the source ?
  6. Because it's an api. Why should he use methods he doesn't know anything about? You could at least create an interface with all the methods and javadocs to show us what your api does in detail. Other than that your idea is awesome! :)
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  7. The arrow hit block event is useful for some people
  8. RobiRami, thank you for reply, yeah i used ArrowHitBlockEvent for a BowSpleef plugin ^^. It's a basic spleef plugin that contain Spleef and BowSpleef in a single plugin. I use my CustomConfigUtils for all my plugins configuration, you should take a look at it.
  9. Well, the current (custom) configuration isn't so difficult for me.
    The only difficult thing for me is MySQL
  10. MySQL isn't finished, dont use it, i will release a new MySQLUtils soonly using Objects.
  11. Ok, thanks
  12. I'm working on actually. :p
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  13. RobiRami did you try SQLUtils ?
  14. Not yet, I'm busy with exams...
  15. If this were on Spigot 1.8, it would be great :)