Unridable Horses

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  1. So I have a server that is 1.7 and above (Viaversion), and the horses do not move when a player tries to ride them with a saddle, but without the saddle the horse moves randomly as expected. Multiple players have experienced this including myself.
  2. Ask the developer of ViaVersion, but as far as I can tell 1.7 is no longer supported
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  3. There is no good reason to have an outdated 1.7 server unless your server is PVP aimed (this is debatable). Just update and use ViaVersion/ViaBackwards
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  4. @james090500 is right.
    ==> They mention it in the plugin post.
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  5. I have viarewind which allows 1.7 to join

    Also we play on 1.12 , the server is compatible with 1.7 and above because we need to keep a bigger player base.