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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Leomelonseeds, May 6, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    Recently I have been having a problem with my OVH VPS, it seems like the TPS will drop and the server lags a lot when there are more then, say, 5 players even. I do not know why this is happening.

    Seems like every time someone does an /rtp, a lagspike is generated. I have set my servers render distance to 8.

    My CPU usage never goes up to 100% (stays below 80% most of the time), and my RAM is totally fine, since I allocated 6G and it is only using 2G.

    I have generated a WorldGuard report here: https://pastebin.com/u3b7VLH3

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    IP: play.ultimamc.tk
  2. Can u provide proper timings pls?
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  3. electronicboy

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    if rtp is a random teleport plugin, find another one; Finding a random location to spawn sucks as it requires chunk loading and potentially generation, some smarter plugins deal with that by looking where to teleport the player across multiple ticks if needed.
  4. @orangejuiceyummy Timings doesn't seem to be working for me, /timings paste gives the same link each time (http://www.spigotmc.org/go/timings?url=0)

    Thanks, i'll try to find another one
  5. Because u have to use /timings on and let it run for a while then use /timings paste.
  6. That's what i did m8.

    Maybe it's my server version 1.8.8
  7. electronicboy

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    Update your server... Spigot even lovingly backported a fix for that issue with timings v1 for 1.8.8... (v1 will never beat v2, but you gotta use a fork like paper for that)
  8. electronicboy

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    You really shouldn't be downloading software from random sites... If you're capable of running a server, you're capable of running buildtools...

    But yea, look over your timings, anything which is red is a sign of it being bad... rtp ends up taking almost a full second to do what it's doing on average, no surprise that it's causing lag... v1 timings don't really provide much more of a hint on that, however; But I would look at another plugin if possible. Boss also appears to be another "nice" plugin...
  9. Yeah, Boss is a custom mobs plugin. I quite like it tho,so ill probably turn down the spawn rates.

    I have looked into another rtp plugin.

    Any other suggestions? Ill make another timings when more people get on.
  10. Do you have a worldborder? I would recommend to get WorldBorder and set a worldborder with /wb set and then fill the world with /wb fill. This should help with the /rtp plugin as it will generate all the chunks inside the world border and the server won't need to generate new chunks when someone does /rtp as it will just load the chunks from the disk.
  11. Yes, I have it. Rtp still lags a bit though :/
  12. 8 render distance is WAY to much. The best render distance is 4, I've tested every single render distance 1-20 and I can tell you, 3 messes up things like teleporting or flying super quick or enderpearling, so the lowest you can go is 4. Try setting your render distance to 4 and your issue should be solved.

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