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  1. NOTE: I believe this is a bug, if not, please tell me and I'll close the thread.

    Just a little, but very annoying bug. When typing something out, smilies can sometimes sneak their way in. For example, I wrote this guide a while ago, and randomly, a smilie appears. %player_hasitem-mat:MATERIALNAME-amt:AMOUNT-data:DATA% was meant to be
    Code (Text):
    The smilie system picked up the : D after data and made that a smilie. Another example is email:pass which is meant to be
    Code (Text):
    Sorry if this is a bit hard to understand, wasn't really sure how to explain it.
  2. MiniDigger


    its a feature (TM)

    I personally hate auto replacement smileys too, idk if md_5 could edit the way to finds the sequences so that it at least doesn't replace stuff in the middle of a word.
  3. There like Easter eggs, just go around and find them!
  4. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    look no smilies :)
    Code (Text):
    [plain]look no smilies :)[/plain]
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  5. Thanks, didn't know that existed(unless u just made it?). Will close thread now.
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