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  1. Hi, I seen this feature on MCM and I really think it would be useful here at Spigot too.

    I believe this is the correct XenForo plugin; https://xenforo.com/community/resources/sonnb-up-thread.831/. I've looked at it and it seems to be $40, I don't have XenForo so I'm not too sure if that's expensive for an add-on but I would completely understand if this is rejected based on the price; Spigot relies on donations and I completely accept that it may not be feasible to spend $40 on a fairly small feature.

    It would allow threads to be bumped without the ‘spammyness’ of a string of ‘Bump!’ responses.


    (I’ve looked through and couldn’t find any suggestions suggesting this already; please say if there is already one and I will lock this one and bump the other).
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  2. This wouldn't be a bad idea, if md_5 considers it I'll donate $40.
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  3. or you could buy me 40 bags of haribos
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  4. Good idea indeed, I know it from MCM as well.
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