Update and fix this plugin please !

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  2. i Sent he a request he didnt reply me .
  3. Just wait on an reply
  4. i saw him onl 5 hours ago and i sent the reply yesterday
  5. He could get lots of messages. You sent him one only yesterday so be patient. He hasn't been on since the 20th so there is no way you saw him online.
  6. Maybe through BukkitDev?

    Edit: If he doesn't respond, I don't mind updating it, since he's pushed the source code to Github anyways: https://github.com/Staartvin/Scroll-Teleportation
  7. True but I somewhat have a feeling he would be posting this thread there instead.
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    I know him personally and he has told me (about a week ago) that he had quite a few things going on in real life that have limited his time to work on his projects right now. I am positive when he gets time to check his messages he will reply.
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