1.8.8 Update-Checker

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by GodCipher, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Is there a fast UpdateChecker for plugins which has no 2h delay or more?
    I am using this one and also after the update my plugins says there is an update (more than 2h now)
  2. I created the update checker back in time. Can you show your code? And do you actually change the version in the plugin.yml file?
  3. I am using exactly the code of this tutorial. And yes i do :p
  4. Can you send your plugin here on Spigot, the plugin.yml file, the code and how you call the method.
  5. If you're using version names like 1.5.2, you can parse the current version and the updated (and delayed) version to integers by deleting everything except numbers from the version strings. That way you can check if the version from the web request is actually a lower version that the one the server is running by comparing the two integers (and if it is, don't wrongly send update notifications)
  6. I know what you mean, but if the website still needs to handle my update about 3 hours id wouldn't change anything. The delay would be still there
  7. But what's the problem then? It won't be a problem unless you update your resource twice within 3 hours?
  8. The problem is that the people who installed the latest update of my plugin are still informed 3 hours later that there is still an update.
  9. Choco


    That's just the nature of an update check. You're welcome to try using SpiGet instead to query for information, and I actually have an update checking resource of my own you're welcome to use which does make use of SpiGet.

  10. I'm not too sure how often SpiGet updates, but I think it's atleast 1+ hour delay. I think OP needs to fetch some html if he wants an instant checkup, but I'm not really sure why the time is so important? How often are you going to check for updates in your plugin anyway?