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  1. Case:
    When having any kind of resource on this website, you obviously get a lot of people downloading it. Sometimes you push an update that creates a crucial problem for one of your users, but almost all the others are completely fine. To correct that problem, you are forced to spam one or more updates in a row or in a small amount of time which will look annoying to someone not having an issue.

    Therefore, I am asking for a user text-box to be added to the resource update page named Notify Certain Users, like the one you have when creating a conversation or adding a buyer manually. If the text-box is empty, it will proceed to notify everyone, otherwise only the written users. I think that's a cool small addition to the website, so tell me your thoughts below.
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  2. Sounds good but it won't work for free plugins as you would not know who has it downloaded.
  3. You don't need to know who downloaded it, but who is having an issue and needs a fast update. That user will contact you.
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  4. Ok, well that was not specified.
  5. No need for specification. That's common logical sense.
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  6. Sound useful and wont hurt to add, if someone dont want it just dont uae it :p
    Good idea
  7. MiniDigger


    What you can do is provide a dev build for the affected users (and notify them via pm) and then release the fix when you compile your next release.
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  8. md_5

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  9. If you don't enter anything into the Title/Message then it won't notify anyone.

    I'd suggest using an issue tracker (e.g. GitHub or YouTrack), so that anyone can subscribe to an issue and be notified when it's fixed. Or just send the relevant users a PM.
  10. Can't, because in most of my plugins, my piracy protection is designed to only work after the download. Obviously, my initial reason is the annoyance of spamming updates.

    I am proposing an easier idea, not just for me, but SpigotMC developers and members too. Many underage users aren't capable of understanding or using those websites.
  11. MiniDigger


    ah, so your piracy protection is more important than providing fast fixes to individual users. gotcha.
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  12. No, I spam updates so that user gets their fix, and my piracy is also functional. That's my case. Someone else will have a different reason to not want to send the file privately. That was a very idiotic reply.
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  13. Maximvdw


    I suggest just sticking to an empty title and notifying the user in person. Additionally try to add as much information in a debug so you can replicate their scenario as close as possible so you don't have to spam updates.

    If you can't replicate the issue you should ask for more information or wait a day or two to see if anyone else has the same issue to see what they have in common as trying blind changes may cause more harm than good to other users.
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  14. I don't particularly agree with this suggestion. Just test your software. Test several situations the user may be in. I find it highly doubtful that a bug only occurs for a single user, especially for someone like you who has quite popular resources. There are probably countless other people having the same issue, but they just didn't notify you about it. None the less an update is an update, and a fix is a fix. In my opinion there's no need to hide it anywhere just because it may not affect everyone. Just test the software out as best as you can and if you missed a bug, so be it. Do research on the bug, try to reproduce the bug, fix it, then upload a fix.
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  15. I don't particularly agree with this suggestion. Just test your software I do
    especially for someone like you who has quite popular resources passing a paranoia phase.. please wait
    There are probably countless other people having the same issue, but they just didn't notify you about it I agree but not every time

    For example, recently I had a user that was using a non-minecraft plugin to add fake players to their server. One of my plugins was sending a packet that the fake players couldn't handle, resulting in them being disconnected. Fortunately, the user agreed to wait until the next update, but the chances of that issue being shared with other users would be really small. However, a lag issue is logically quite commonly shared and I must spam updates to fix it.
  16. Sounds like something that user had to fix himself really, lol. It's his fault for making fake players with a non-Minecraft application and not being able to handle some kind of packet.
  17. Yeah that's all right but when you have code your plugin false then you must update it...
    And every user had this problem not only one... But maybe some don't ask you and so on because when your plugin have a error in it every one who downloaded it have the problem not only one. When you make mistakes in your plugin you need to fix them and so you post an update.
    That's it.
  18. clip


    You can use GitHub specifically for tracking issues with no code in the repo bruh... Otherwise do as max and empire said and push a "silent update" by keeping the version the same and not adding a description or update title.
  19. Just @ the user in the update? It'll notify them regardless
  20. Benz56

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    Can’t you just work out the fix over PM, Discord, or another message service and provide the jar there until the fix has been worked out and then release the update? Or does your piracy protection rely on the plugin being downloaded from Spigot?

    Simply asking :)