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    I already asked that question and he already answered it...
    Yes his "piracy protection" relies and spigots user I'd and he is not open to distributing hot fixes without piracy protection to a small set of users
  2. I am not sure if tags notify when put in an update's information.
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    How do you pirate protect on-premise software? I am sure SAAS isn’t allowed?
    Or am I missing something.

    Edit. just noticed your quotes lol.
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    There is no proper way to do piracy protection for on premise software, especially if you can reverse engineer it as easily as you can do with java and if you can't require an internet connection since the spigot rules protect the users here.
    Doesn't stop many ppl from wasting their time and attempting something tho
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    “Piracy protection” is only going to delay potential leakers so why even bother.
  6. You guys are both evenly correct, but something is better than nothing. I get it... people will still crack it but I get to be victorious in many cases, and that's enough to identify it wasn't a waste of time.

    And no, you don't get to disagree or comment against this one.
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    Guess it is a matter of personal preference and I have nothing against people who choose to at least make it harder for those pesky leakers.

    Not once did I disagree with you. I was simply asking why doing the fixes through another service wasn’t possible which is now answered ;)
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  8. This was their final response. I still believe it's a nice small addition to the website that wouldn't take much time to program. It's now up to you and the SpigotMC dev-team to consider implementing it. I do not know if this thread should now be locked or not.
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    I agree with them.
    You can literally tag users in updates as is.
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    I believe his goal is to only notify the concerned people as to not bother unaffected users.

    Though this is solely needed because of the piracy detection part of his jar which is why it would only benefit a minority of users which is also their conclusion.
  11. Exactly
  12. But if there a Codes in a Plugin that are false
    It affect all People and not only one
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  14. This thread died a month ago for the record.
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