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  1. Hello,

    My kitpvp plugin a get top 5.

    How to update sign - head player names?
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  2. We dont hand out code here. You know this... Show us what you've tried, and we can help talk you through any specific issues you run into.
  3. Yes, I know not code. I want only idea or document.
  4. 1) Get the Sign from the Location.
    2) Get the Skull from the Location.
    3) Set the Skull's owner and the Sign's lines[] to whatever you want.
    4) Profit???
  5. You're going to need to get
    Well you're probably going to need to create a custom type of player with a killcount and add 1 killcount to each time a player is killed by that player. Then you will need to update the heads and signs each time a record is broken (Check if player killcount is higher than one of the top 5 players), get the right head and sign by X Y and Z coördinates, set the SkullOwner NBT data to the new player and set the sign text to whatever you want.
  6. Try to make an overlay and use whatever font you want for it. I would use Photoshop but Imgur edit online should do.
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