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  1. Hello!

    I have a 1.16.5 spigot server and I would like to know if I will be able to update my server when I launch spigot 1.17 without losing anything. (except the map, I will reset it)

    I just started making servers and I really don't know how I can update and keep my server intact.

    If you can update, could you explain to me how to do this?
  2. You should be able to update without any problems. Just make sure that your server is using Java 16, and wait for any plugins that you are using are updated to the latest version.

  3. I get it, but how do I update the server? Do I have to change a specific file or what? Also, thanks for the help, I didn't know I needed Java 16 <3
  4. Well, you will need to change the spigot jar. Currently Spigot 1.17 has not released to the public yet. By tomorrow, hopefully fingers crossed it will release.

  5. That simple?
    I thought I had to swap several folders and files to update ;-;

    well, thank you heartily for your help, man!
  6. Once 1.17 is announced on the frontapge as publicly available download, you can get the latest version of buildtools and create yourself a spigot jar file.

    Take your server offline.

    Back it up.

    Replace the spigot jar with the new 1.17 spigot jar.

    Note please that player .dat files are in the spawn world, advancements probably too. So if you reset the world, all that is gone too.

    If you have any plugins, they HAVE to support 1.17 - so wait before doing any of this until you know you can upgrade those plugins.

    Then delete your world, set a new seed if you want. And start the server.

    See what goes right and wrong in the console. If there's errors: fix.

    If everything is okay, open the server back up to the public and go test.

    If things fail. Roll back the backup you made and you still have a 1.16.5 working version.

    And you can start all over again figuring out what went wrong, and see if you can fix it.

    Note that if you delete a world, this can have consequences, so test. TEST.
  7. I get it! One last question for me to use on a private server with some friends of mine: When I change the server version, can the world also be updated in any way?
  8. No. The world is not automatically updated. You need to create it again after removing the world file.

  9. Seriously? I thought it would be the same as on the local worlds, that when you came to a chunk that wasn't loaded, it would be generated with the update.
  10. Why do you think the world will update automatically? It's not like that. You have to recreate the world.
  11. New chunks should indeed generate with the 1.17 generation, so you should be able to get the new ores in your current world, provided you venture out far enough.
  12. Strahan


    Whatever you do, don't forget that step :) Also be aware he doesn't mean back up the original jar. Back up the whole server.

    That's not what you asked though. You said:

    That implies the existing chunks would be updated. That can't happen, but yea, new chunks will be using the 1.17 world generator.
  13. What? ..

    I am still using the world from march 2011, today ..
  14. And what makes you think so?
  15. Some times a restart is good idea for imprime servers
  16. How is this related to anything?