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  1. Hello!

    So I just updated my Spigot server from 1.16 to 1.17.1. When I loaded up my world I remembered I wanted to get the new height limits, the new caves and all that. But I am not sure how to update my old 1.16 world to the new 1.17.

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  2. The world is not automatically updated whenever a new version is released. After removing the world folder, you need to re-create it.
  3. I tried to do that already with the same seed. But nothing changed, it is still same the height limit as before and there are no new caves.
    Also is it possible to update the world that I already use because I have built stuff with my friends on it?

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  4. --forceUpgrade upgrades the region files to the format used by whatever version you're running. So:
    1. Shutdown and backup your server.
    2. Put in the 1.17.1 Spigot .jar file.
    3. Put --forceUpgrade at the END of whatever command line you use to start your server.
    4. Start the server and wait for the upgrade to complete. It may take a few hours (yes, hours).
    5. When it's done, stop your server and remove the --forceUpgrade.
    6. Start your server and enjoy playing on 1.17.1.
    Remember, there is no way to go backwards in versions!!
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  5. Hello! Thanks for the answer I don't know if I did anything wrong. In my server console, I saw that it said updating World or Force updating World or something along those lines. But when I checked the high limit is still the same and again no new caves :/
  6. 1.17 does not contain new world generation features including caves or an expanded height limit, that will all be in 1.18
  7. Uhh, okay so what does 1.17 include? I have seen people telling me that the caves update had been released.