updated spigot -> downgraded -> broke

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  1. I updated my spigot to 1.13 and everything wasn't working so I decided to go back to 1.12.2 and wait a bit for everything to settle and then try again in a week or so when everything shouldn't be buggy. Upon going back to 1.12.2 I started the server and it began to not load giving me the following - I have no clue exactly what to do regarding this, all help is appreciated!

    console information: https://pastebin.com/DhgYmn9d
    Crash report: https://pastebin.com/PWdq2y7v
  2. In 1.13, the world is converted to a new format. Therefore downgrading will not work. Unfortunately you will either have to reset your worlds or load backups.
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    I hope you saw the bold red text in the 1.13 announcement and made backups of your world before upgrading. If you didn't, it's all gone.
  4. I don't mean to sound rude, but I cant stop laughing at this. On the main post for 1.13pre-7 and 1.13 dev builds, there was like a WHOLE PAGE regarding how to upgrade to 1.13.... it was mentioned multiple times to BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP, it was also mentioned SEVERAL TIMES that once you upgrade a world to 1.13 it will not be able to downgrade to 1.12.2 ... long story short, if you didnt backup your stuff, you have lost it for good!
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  5. Posts like this is why md_5 didn't include the build instructions.

    But you didn't read his post.

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  6. The problem is... a lot of people skip past BuildTools and just download from YivesMirror.... it works, but then they dont get any warnings