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  1. Hello,
    I wanted to ask if it's ok to take plugin's code and update it for free to someone else although the developer didn't post the gitub source?
  2. You have to ask the Plugin Author's Permission.
  3. And if he is inactive?
  4. Well. You should have plugin author's permission. (But in this case, inactive.) so; I guess just don't give it away or upload it anywhere?
  5. Someone asked me to update it and the author was last seen 16 days ago. The plan is that I will not upload it and he will use it in his own server. I am doing this for free so I don't get money for a plugin I do not own.
  6. Well if the plugin is still active in or and is not marked as inactive or to be taken down then the plugin is protected you will still need the developers permission. Just a heads up it takes years before a resource is taken down for inactivity.
  7. So I should program the idea of the plugin myself?

    Ended up coding the plugin by myself with inspiration of the original plugin code.
    Thanks for all of the replys.
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