Updating to java 8 questions.

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by d1One, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hello.
    I own a server that currently runs on CentOs and has Java 7, im considering updating to Java 8 since people say its more memory efficient and some of the most recent plugins are compiled with java 8 and have no 7 support, i have a few questions though.

    Does updating from java 7 to 8 break multicraft, ts3 or my SQL databases?
    What are the main advantages of updating?
  2. It shouldn't break them. you've already pointed out the main reasons to upgrade :p
  3. oh, ok. thanks.
  4. I am also on CentOS server and it's almost imposible to break those things, because if you know how java works and why you need to install it, you will understand. Java 8 is better, because it's optimized. If you have troubles installing it, just write me :)
  5. Thanks man, Im such a linux noob... Using a command line brings me back to my MS-DOS days... yes I am old.. =D
    I guess ill just follow some tutorial about java updates and do it if anything goes wrong ill hit you up with a msg, ty!