Upgrade advice for i7-6700k?

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  1. I'm running survival server with 200+ players peak:
    - 80 players average per server instance plus other creative servers
    - Getting about 8-10TPS on 1.13.2 currently... sadface...
    - 32/64gb ram
    - 500gb/1tb ssd

    Who would you recommend for host?
    What can I expect for $/monthly price?
    Help our TPS please!
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  2. Highly suggest https://zare.com
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  3. UK hosts have great prices! Unfortunately I need something in North America.
  4. Surely if it's minecraft the ping shouldn't matter too much. i use zare and i get american players with amazing pings
  5. I just did a ping from it it was in the 300s vs in the 70s to my current server, so... I'm not crazy about having a 300+ ms ping as server owner.
  6. I did see 19.98 TPS (SOTW) with 115 players with a client on shared hosting before, i7-6700K works out really great. All you need is to do some quick optimizations :)

    In your case, if you want a dedi. Get from OVH.
    If you want shared Minecraft hosting: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/quality-minecraft-server-hosting-companies-3-and-under.307283/
  7. electronicboy

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    Throwing a faster CPU at it when you already have a pretty top end CPU is mostly pointless, you might bump up the number of players that can connect a bit, but what you really need to do is start looking how you can regain performance from what you've got
  8. I suggest waiting for 1.14, once it's stable it should provide your server with some performance optimizations. I also recommend using Pandawire if you have redstone enabled on your server. Also reducing your render distance and max flight speed on your creative server should help a bit. Also, try to not have too many worlds, I believe that should help.
  9. Three faster CPUs then
  10. the 6700k is already faster for minecraft, you have to do some optimizations (using worldborder?)
    EDIT: if you are not using paper, use it! and add some mob/farm limitations
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