Upgrading from spigot 1.9.2 to 1.10.2 {issue}

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  1. Hello there!! Whazzup? I'm trying to explaining what's going on into my server:

    it's one year that I'm working to it and today I've decided to upgrade my spigot 1.9.2 server into spigot 1.10.2
    So what I've done (dunno if it was right) was to delete spigot 1.9.2.jar file and replace it with the new one and then reload the server. Of course I need to reload some Plugins with newer version, but at least I've got the new blocks.

    The problem is that I've worked so hard into building awesome structures and I should generate the world again because I want that players can find also that blocks around the world and not only craft them....
    I was thinking about a solution: making schematics, but after that how can I resolve the problems that I can find with those Plugins that have coordinates inside .config and things like that?

    So my question is: there is any command or solution that automatically add those new blocks into the map that I have already; or there is something that I can do?

    Please help me to fix this issue because I really care about this new upgrade.

    Thanks so much!
  2. you could try world editing them and replacing a small percentage of stone with the new block, or install something like hidden ore and set it to drop when mining certain materials otherwise you're gonna have to regen and move things or create a side world with all the new stuff on it
  3. The blocks are: Bone Block and Magma Block.

    For Bone Blocks I might create random structure around the world and it should be fine...
    For Magma Block, honestly, It becomes a little bit ugly to create single random block around the nether....

    But if I delete random blocks there isn't any command that will regenerate randomly them?
    It's becoming so frustrating.... So how does actually big servers update to newer versions without breaking any settings?

    There should be a solution... i'm sure of it!
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  4. So anything else that I can do?