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    Hi guys,
    I currently have a AMD Quad-Core A8-6600K PC, it's not the best PC, I bought it at the time for general gaming, thinking that I would only want/need to do a few upgrades. However, now I am 1.5 years later, wanting to upgrade everything. Unfortunately, at the time I was very foolish and didn't wait, I had some money at the time and got the first PC that looked good at the time.
    If you would like my current PC's specs, here they are:
    I can currently use most applications that I want, as well as running Minecraft at about 60 Fps - without Shaders, but with Sphax.

    I am looking to upgrade my PC to following parts
    Please don't hate on some of the choices, I've been looking through other people's rigs on Spigot and taking parts here and there that I liked from other people's part lists.

    I am wanting to spend <£400 ($626.85 according to Google's currency converter as of 21/05/15) for these updates, I am currently not looking to overclock, however I may at a later date.
    If I have to completely re-build my rig, I will happily do so- I've already voided my warranty so I may as well do it impressively.

    I am currently not the best at choosing the best parts, I would preferably like:
    8GB/16GB RAM (16 isn't necessary)
    Intel i5 processor
    Small SSD - mainly just for my OS and games.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction, or edit my current parts list- that would be really appreciated. I understand that a lot of the community is a lot better at choosing parts than I am.

    Thanks a lot,
    - James
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  2. I have the SSD you've listed. It's fantastic, I love it. Boot up time is amazing (as I've got OS on it). It takes ~10 seconds.
    I'd look into using the new revision of samsung SSDs, the 850 Pro. Looking at comparisons, it's a large improvement.

    Also, look into a good CPU cooler instead of using the stock one. The "CoolerMaster 212 Evo" is pretty cheap and I've heard good things about it. You could also go for a pre-assembled liquid-cooled loop like a model from Corsair's Hydro line (e.g. H100)
    This is a good solution if you wish to overclock.
    Also, possibly upgrade your PSU. 550W is enough, but if you wish to go SLI in the future, you'll need more. I'd recommend going with a larger brand like Corsair or Antec. They're less likely to fail. Don't skimp with the power supply :p.

    The GPU is decent, I'd probably upgrade it to a 770 or 780 (Or even go to the 900 series) but your budget may limit you here.
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    I already have the PSU, that's why I'm sort of reluctant to buy a new one, same with the HDD.
    I may look into getting a CPU cooler, other than that I'll hunt around, thanks for the advice though :)
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    Looking for some more help/suggestions :)
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