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  1. Hello! I opened my spigot factions server just today and it has been a great success up to this point! I had some donations, quite a few players (around 20), and a decent community. Then, the server started to lag really bad because so much stuff was going on and it started to have a lot of difficulty handling all the extra load. I was only using 3GB and I have to upgrade.

    The service I am using is MinecraftED (http://minecrafted.net/), and I have recently purchased a 7GB plan which will hopefully hold the server off in terms of player count and lag for quite a while. When I looked at the steps for upgrading the server, they seemed very vague. Here is what it said:

    Question: How do I upgrade/downgrade my server?

    Very Simple. Take a backup of your world and player data via Multicraft. Cancel your existing server and PayPal subscription. Order a new server and just re-upload your world and player data. Unfortunately you aren't able to keep your IP when upgrading or downgrading.

    NOTE** We do not pro-rate services so you don't get any credit for unused time on your current service.

    I have not cancelled my 3GB plan, so I have both my 3GB and 7GB plan available still. Is it possible that I get a more descriptive step by step process for what I need to do? This seems kind of risky and I don’t want to lose anything! I am fine with losing the IP. I will happily provide any more information that is needed! :D

    Minecrafted uses Multicraft to hold all the files.

    Thank you so much for your help! It is much appreciated!
  2. You'd be better off contacting them.

    To better answer your question, the support ticket is really the most basic way of transferring files. You'll need to create backup of your entire server folder (include plugins, config files, worlds, etc.) and download it to your local computer. On the new plan, you'll then re-upload the files back to the server. If your config files have MySQL or IP's, you'll need to change that to accommodate the new changes.

    Just a tip for the future: plan ahead. You never know when you'll need more space or a better server. Typically server hosts aren't the best when they specialize in Minecraft. You'd be better off getting a VPS or dedicated server if you think you'll need the space for your growth. However, you'll need basic Linux knowledge, or at least the know-how to Google.

    Best of luck!
  3. Strahan


    What he said. Why you wouldn't just ask the company itself for help is beyond me, lol.

    Basically what they are saying is they do not have any "magic" upgrade where you just flick a switch. You need to create a whole new plan which will give you an empty space. Just copy everything from the old plan to the new. Do not forget to export MySQL data if you use it.

    Obviously, test everything thoroughly before you cancel the old plan or delete any data from the old plan folders.