[URGENT] IP's Showing In Chat If Someone Is Using A Proxy

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  1. I have an issue where when a player joins with a proxy IP it will display their IP right in chat. Now this wouldn't usually be an issue as I can see players IP's through my player list anyway but I livestream my time on my server so having IP's be shown directly on stream is not helpful at all. I've tried to find out which plugin is causing it but having no luck.

    If anyone knows which plugin it is that is causing this to be announced and / or have any tips to disable other means of IP's being shown then please help me out


    [23:11:07] [User Authenticator #50/INFO]: UUID of player HatsonaxMiku is e1133823-0780-4f44-aa49-283798fcc911
    [23:11:07] [Server thread/INFO]: HatsonaxMiku[/[IP ADDRESS]] logged in with entity id 727421 at ([world]-1704.5, 78.0, -4109.5)
    [23:11:07] [Server thread/INFO]: + HatsonaxMiku
    [23:11:07] [pool-53-thread-1/INFO]: Creating empty config: /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server58216/plugins/Essentials/userdata/e1133823-0780-4f44-aa49-283798fcc911.yml
    [23:11:07] [Server thread/INFO]: HatsonaxMiku is using a proxy IP!

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    remove them one by one? I would start with maxbans
  3. MiniDigger


    set "dnsbl.notify" to false in maxbans config or negate the "maxbans.notify" permission for yourself. it will still log to console
  4. Probably maxbans. There's this section in the config:
    Code (YAML):
    Should we notify players with maxbans.notify whenever a banned player tries (fails) to join?
    : true
    Should we verify names have the letters (A-Z,a-z,0-9 and _) only and are valid?
    : true
    Should we use the DNS blacklist?
    Should we use this? Setting it to false disables DNSBL entirely.
    : true
    The DNSBL servers we should use to look up. More servers = Slower results.
    Each server takes approx 4 seconds to respond. Use http://dnsbl.info to find
    More servers, if you like.
    DNSBL results are cached for 1 week, then expire (Are deleted).
    This is how MaxBans checks for proxied IPs
    1. Have we looked the IP up on DNSBL before, and has it not expired? If so go to 3
    2. Start IP lookup, this takes a few seconds...
    3. If the IP is not a proxy, stop checking, they're allowed, do not proceed to step 4.
    4. Take appropriate action (Kick, notify) if any.
    - bl.spamcop.net
    - sbl.spamhaus.org
    Should we notify players with maxbans.notify when a player is joining with a proxy IP?
    : true
    Should we kick players who are discovered to have proxy IPs?
    : false
    : false
  5. Oh I didn't even think of MaxBans! Thanks for the help. I'm not sure if it does it everytime the player joins but as long as it doesn't say it again I'm happy!

    Much appreciated!
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    Well, if it's just proxies it reports on I wouldn't worry about it to begin with. The IP isn't relevant; that's the whole point of a proxy lol.