Urgent! PEX and Autorank Help!

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  1. Hi

    I'm trying to setup a new 1.8 minecraft server. I'm running into a few problems

    - I set up groups in PEX
    - I set up groups with the same name in Autorank to find the groups I set in PEX
    -When a new player joins my server it says [world][default] [theplayername]
    -It should say [prefix] [theplayername]

    I set up groups and they are not showing up at all.

    Groups i set up are

    - stranger
    - friend
    - citizen
    - vip
    - veteran

    The group is showing up as the default group says "default" where is this group even coming from when its not even on my list of groups.

    Here is the files.

    PermissionsEx permissions.yml
    PermissionsEx config.yml

    Autorank settings.yml
    Autorank advancedconfig.yml

    My list of Plugins on Server

    - Autorank
    - Chestshop
    - Craftbook
    - Dynamap Plotme
    - Essentials
    - Essentials Antibuild
    - Essentials Chat
    - Essentials Protect
    - Essentials Spawn
    - Jail
    - Knapsacks
    - Lift
    - Multiverse
    - PEX
    - Plotme Core
    - SerialKey
    - Vault
    - World Edit
    - World Guard

    Someone please help me figure out why groups are not working correctly and how it says default group when I dont even have a group called default. Thanks
  2. Remove the default group and set stranger as a default group
  3. Do you really think that this person still has the same problem after 5 YEARS? ! !
  4. I was just saying in case anyone has this issue and finds this.
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