URGENT: Please help me fix this.

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Help' started by Druxe, May 27, 2015.

  1. I screwed up. On the server I'm dev on, I used /reload after fixing a bug. No commands or plugins are working. I know how to fix it, as I have SSH and FTP access, but only if it's offline. How do I get it offline? /stop isn't working ingame or from the console. No commands, including vanilla commands are loading. None of the people with access to the console to force close will be available for a long time. Help please!
  2. That depends on the data-loss you're willing to risk.

    What will definitely shut down the server is either CTRL+C'ing the screen, or killing the process, but that will lose you unsaved data.
  3. Thank you! It was exactly was I was looking for. Everybody was freaking out but now the crisis is solved. We had over 100 people on when it happened, which was alot for us.
  4. I wouldn't recommend using that though..