[URGENT] Server dropping TPS

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  1. My server is dropping TPS for some reason and is taking up server tick ~ there's only me on,

    My release is in a few days - I need this fixed ASAP;

    Says 20 but drops to randomly to like 19.6 etc.

    The server is OVH-32 and has 8gb allocated - I can put up to 16GB and I will but need help with this timings/issues

    Please help read this:

  2. 19,6 is not horrible.
    If it is below 15 you should go ask yourself what you are doing wrong.
  3. 19.x TPS isn't a bad thing. If it's only you on though and it drops lower than 16, you have something wrong with your server setup, etc, badly setup plugins or intensive tasks.

    Remember, world gen and large world edits can eat up the TPS like pooh bear does honey.
  4. I know for sure that 19.6 isn't bad; I forgot to put in the thread that I was just AFK? (Didn't run any WorldEdits and nothing was genned) I'm just trying to perfect my server's performance before release, if ya'll can find anything that could cause the lag in there, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Looking at the timings, the plugin LaggRemover seems to be causing a little bit of TPS loss. Maybe look into disabling/remove the plugin temporarily to see if that fixes the TPS drop?
  6. I don't believe LaggRemover is an issue, I ran the command to free the server's junk ram and it went down the TPS went down a little but went back up.
    Anything else?
  7. Idk about others but my server usually runs ~19,8 tps when it's empty and around 19,9 when ~10 people are on it. So i believe that 20 tps is not like a fixed value.
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    mate calm down, your server is doing fine. there are things (plugins) doing stuff in the background. as long as you don't drop 2-3 solid tps when there's no activity, then you're fine
  9. 19 TPS isn't bad. The problem starts when you have less than 15-14