Spigot URL Expander 1.2

Expands shortened URLs sent in chat

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    URL Expander - Expands shortened URLs sent in chat

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  2. You are basically the opposite of my plugin, lol
  3. But what happens if you install both[​IMG]
  4. smmmadden


    How is this protecting any server? The gif on the overview shows you typed in a bit.ly url and it returns the results from a bit.ly lookup. This appears to simply be an API to bit.ly to get the actual url behind it. That's good, but I see no connection to protecting the server from anything. They can still paste in the url in chat window for users to click on. If this is not the case, you should elaborate more on the Overview to explain the mechanics and intent a bit.more. :)
  5. A common way of IP log is to send a shortened URL of a IP logging site. By expanding the shortened URL the player is more likely to recognise a malicious link. This will only help players avoid malicious links but will not protect the completely. For example, which would you feel more safe clicking on:

    https://www.spigotmc.org or

    I agree that this could be made more clear in the plugin description so have added a section. Thanks for the advice :)
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  6. smmmadden


    Both url's are more often considered safe. The url shortener was designed to replace very long url's and make it easier for users to type it in or click on it. That's the main intent behind using them. That does not negate a user with malicious intent to paste in a url that redirects them to a site with adware or jscript that infects their browser or system. You can get that with a short or long url. I like the idea, just not seeing the value of it within Minecraft itself unless there are regions in the world where this is pretty common for malicious users to try and infect other users machines by hiding the end-point url behind bit.ly, tinyurl or goo.gl url shorteners. I would hope those sites scan the url's provided to ensure their safety before allowing the conversion.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree this plugin is not suited for most servers. I may release an update soon which only shows the expanded URL when you hover over the link in chat helping to stop chat becoming cluttered. Sadly, I don't believe these sites scan links as the most popular URL logger has a built-in option to shorten with the urls shown here.

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