Url Shortener for servers

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by gkid_118, May 21, 2015.

  1. Nice, but the urls only go to Z.
  2. Didn't work.......
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  3. Few things:
    1) Why not use bit.ly? It is shorter and safer (see point 2)
    2) Please look at the image below:
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  4. I saw that too. Same anti virus as me...

    Anyway it's PROBABLY all the ads on the page.
  5. Rather not have to enter a CAPTCHA each time.

    The background of the page is set to that:

  6. I dun have to use a captcha
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  7. No annoying capatcha even coded and fix my background issue apprently.
  8. Compress the image.
  9. ok will do tht next
  10. fixed all issues and compressed all images, and Still capatcha free
  11. It doesnt tell you what you shorten.
  12. The URL will eventually be longer....much longer....than other URL shorteners.
  13. what broswer are you using
  14. Chrome.
    I make it, hit shorten and removes text and does not do anything.
  15. Doesnt happen to me and i use only chrome
  16. I'd rather not.
  17. Same results with Safari :3