Spigot UrlToBlock 1.0.9

Turn any image into a placeable block

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    UrlToBlock - Turn any image into a placeable block

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  2. Currently no. I am adding support for that though.
  3. why it does not support 1.9 :(
  4. Quite an interesting plugin! but all the blocks are mobspawners...my players can break them and get exp...
  5. why it does not support 1.8 :(
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  6. Command result "Nope!" oO ???
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    Animated GIF Support! Bug Fixes!

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  8. Hello. You can change the weapon and tool to another image, using the name and lore? Ie add the function - Take the item in hand and write the command - / ub itemskin -url-.

    Original -
    Здравствуйте. А можно изменить оружие и инструмент на другой образ, используя название (name) и описание (lore)? Тоесть, добавить функцию - Взять предмет в руку и написать команду - /ub itemskin -url- .
  9. Create url resourcpack to plugin WorldResourcepacks
  10. 1.8 sopport please plase please
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  11. I am working on support for lower versions.
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  12. I am working on support for lower versions :)
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  13. I am aware of this. It was not intended to be used as a survival machanec but I will be updating soon to address this
  14. I will be adding a way for this to be used in only certain worlds and a way to merge it with existing server resource packs
  15. That's my very fancy "You do not have permission" message. The perm node is urltoblock.use
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  16. I am working on making this for lower versions.
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  17. If I place a block with itemdata, such as orangewool (WOOL:1) or wetsponge (SPONGE:1) the block will change to urlblock with the same ID