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  1. I get why servers only host in certain locations such as Californa, Texas, New York but I hardly ever see any located in the middle of the US. I've gone through at least 20 different Minecraft hosting websites only to find one that hosts near the middle which was in Kansas.

    I'm going to be putting up a small server soon for just some of my friends and friends of friends but we are located all over the US. I live in NJ while others live in Georgia, Washington (The State lol), Cali, as well as a few other states and even outside of the US. I'm trying to put it near the middle of the US as possible but why are options so limited?
  2. Because Ping does not matter that much, you could even have the server in Germany and nobody would really feel a difference.
  3. I'd say you'd want the server to be located on the coast nearest to the furthest person that'll be playing. There won't really be any ping issues at all for people inside the US, even if they're playing from the other side of the country.

    EDIT: Also don't pay extra just to get some hosting from a company in the middle of the US, it most likely will not be worth it.
  4. Maybe because farmers don't play Minecraft while in their cornfields?

    These guys have servers in Chicago -
    I have no experience with them. Don't know if they're good or bad.
  5. I'd recommend Dallas. It's in the dead Middle of North America
  6. For @Chaoisia: Even if Chigago is the best possible location for your players it will probably never be worth the increased price ($10/GB) compared to more affordable hosts in NA ($1/GB - $3/GB), since the optimal location might get you ten to thirty better ping, which isn't worth paying 3x for.
  7. I'd say go for Dallas if you want central US, or somewhere east coast (New York) if you have a decent sized European player base.

    As to why there aren't many hosts in certain area, it's probably due to cost. If you had an unlimited budget, you'd probably be able to get hosting just about anywhere in the world. However, there are large-scale operations running in cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York, all of which have great connectivity to different parts of the world. Opening a host in a less-popular location would usually mean fewer options for upstream connectivity, peering, and services such as DDoS protection.
  8. I have my server hosted in Dallas As Lyphiard does and Everyone around the US has decent ping. Just contact Citadelservers and they can let you ping the sever.