Hungergames Use Custom Hunger Games Worlds

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  1. I am new to this plugin and am interested in using it on my server. I know every time the server starts it creates a new world for the game to be played on. I have some custom worlds with cites and things and would like to be able to play on those. When the game ends I would like to be able to have the world rollback to its previous state so we can use this map again for the next game. Is this possible?

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    Look at maps.yml

    Just store your worlds in a dictionary and point the plugin at it.
  3. I created a folder called "Maps" in my server folder and placed a world save called "1" there. I then edited the "maps.yml" and changed the Maps Paths to "MapPath: E:\My Files\Documents\My Stuff\Minecraft\Server/Maps/1". Would this be how I do this?
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    No. Point it at the containing folder.