Use of Golang in SpigotMC's Community?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Proximyst, May 21, 2017.


Do you know Go?

  1. No, and I won't learn it

  2. No, but I want to learn it

  3. Currently learning and it's boring

  4. Currently learning and it's interesting/fun

  5. I know it, but don't use it

  6. I know it and use it


  1. Does anyone here use Google's language Go in this community?
    And if so, is there anything you'd like to shamelessly self-promote which is open-sauce?

    I'm very interested in learning as much as I can myself, and so far I'm trying to write a Discord self-bot to do pretty much everything I made it to do in Clojure.

    We're all also open to criticism towards the language, praise towards it and pretty much anything you would like as long as it is oriented around Go in some way or another.
  2. I made a basic server implementation in GoLang, and let me tell you fam it's not easy to make your own ByteBufferz xD
  3. latiku


    there's actually a few knowledgeable people here, I'm actually getting prepared to start writing Golang for fun.
  4. I remember when you showed it off, my 'lil kat ;)
    Writing code for fun is the best way to develop. /shrug
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  5. latiku


    sounds interesting, open-source or what?
  6. It was open source for like a week, even tho most GO programmers liked it, I didn't like it myself and took it down.
  7. latiku


    what was so wrong about it in your opinion?
  8. FormallyMyles


    I use golang personally for pet projects, quite fun. I'm currently building an interpreter for fun and just playing with optimising things.

    It's pretty good for making optimised software without the pain of C++ libraries (imo).
  9. Tux


  10. It doesn't compile to C++, though, rather C :p
    But yeah, I get that point, as it's a lot easier to use than C++ in most cases, but optimised can be debatable depending on the software and developer.
  11. Seems interesting. Is there any sort of major advantage of the use of GoLang in this community? Just curious though, but perhaps outside of the community as well? I'm interested in looking further into it.
  12. It's the language a lot of open source projects tend to go for these days because it's really good and quite modern (compiles (quickly), great concurrency, typed, easy to enter...).

    You should definitely give it a shot (maybe write a html service for a plugin like
  13. I'll definitely keep that in mind for sever based projects. From what I can tell it's a very good resource.
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  14. Another question, in what case would I use Go over Node? I see that they generally cap out performance-wise depending on the services you're running.
  15. MiniDigger


    every. single. one.
    its js, who would want to use that if they could avoid it?
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  16. Hmm, I tried doing some reading on it. Seems very opinionated. Is there any facts I should know about?
  17. I think it's pretty safe to say that JS is one of the most utterly unsound languages out there. It's not the slightest bit of type safe.
  18. MiniDigger


    type safety is what kills it for the most.
    this has been tried to be fixed recently by stuff like typescript but that doesn't fix other issues.
    js is an interpreted language, compiled languages should always be faster by design.
    generally I try to avoid js. I use tools like gwt und soon webasm to write stuff for the browser. backends I write in Java.
  19. Looks pretty cool :eek:
    Might make some kind of HTTP API (hosted, not a library) myself.
    It's more of a language for terminal and software which are not GUI based, e.g. servers, but also discord bots, IRC bots or servers, or just anything else you can figure out which doesn't require a GUI.
    Go is faster, (in a lot of cases) bigger, type safe, easier, and more strict. It is simply a language which would always go over Node, not to mention the fact it's cross platform too.