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  1. Hi, there is a problem with my users, if I register with the username "World" and then someone joins with the name "wOrld", the user World is asked to login again, and he is removed his permissions/rank. The user "wOrld" can use "World" money, and also "World" commands.
    its an offline mode server, and I am using Authme.
    What can I do to solve this problem? I have looked for a solution but I dont find any.
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  3. No, thanks.
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  4. electronicboy

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    Running the server in offline mode is unsupported, Good luck!
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  5. Why do you want a offline server?
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  6. Could someone give me an answer? I use an offline server because I want.
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  7. Stupid reason. Go to online.
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  8. Im just asking for some help, if you dont know how to solve it, dont comment.
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  9. I made a plugin to fix it
    if the name of the user is "Notch" and then another user try to join with "nToCh" is kicked =)
    send me a MP if you wanna help
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