Spigot UsernameWhitelist 1.0.1

Only allow specific usernames

  1. guyag submitted a new resource:

    UsernameWhitelist - Only allow specific usernames

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  2. Why is this plugin better, than the original spigot whitelist handling?
  3. Omnivion


    Does bungee have a whitelist system? If not, this could be used there (if the author added support).
  4. This Plugin is another. It only whiteliste the Displayname, so when you are nicked you cannot join the whitelistet Server, i think :)
  5. Omnivion


    Name one possible use for that.
  6. I am not the Developer of this Plugin ;)
    DonĀ“t know how someone could use this Plugin... but maybe someone find a good possibility to use it :D
  7. This isn't right, I just checked it's source using a decompiler and it works with regular player names, not with displaynames.
  8. oh ok :D
    Then the Plugin makes no sense, i think
  9. :D

    If I found a small plugin like this, first I check it's code, before I test it :D
    Of course I can't do it with big plugins, because their source is a bit more complicated to understand.
  10. :D Always this people who first check the src befor testing the Plugin :D

    oh yes, big Plugins are better testing Ingame
    otherwise it would take a longe time :p
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  11. :D That's right.
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  12. Yeah, that would be really important to do...
    Or are you planning to add more features to it, like per language/country whitelist message, or this display name filter, or something like that kind of cool feature?
  13. Sorry if it wasn't clear - this plugin is made in anticipation of username changes coming out.

    It's really niche, I made it in response to this reddit thread.

    As mentioned in the description, I am not planning to add any other features. Adding per-country whitelist messages is over the top and unnecessary, especially given that the message is configurable.
  14. That was just an idea, but why don't you want to continue this plugin?