Users can't join

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by VespaLX50, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Any log errors?
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  2. You mean in the console in multicraft?
  3. Is there anything these 3 users have in common? Also are there any new plugins you added since it has started happening? Are there any custom plugins you are using?
  4. Nop and nop. It's since I use 1.8 spigot
  5. Then you are going to have to check the logs or console right after they try and join.
  6. Yes. The console in multicraft.
  7. The problem is: when they connect I see absolutely NOTHING in the console. You normally see the IP and that user is connection/joining but now you can't see anything. The users recieve the errors as you can see in my first post.

    Update: they all have MAC in common and not windows, maybe that's the issue?
  8. @VespaLX50 As nobody here knows what they're talking about, I can bet nobody has even taken into account that the error is a timeout. Do you happen to host this server on your computer?
  9. I don't host it on my computer, just bought it a company
  10. @VespaLX50 Can people with Windows computers connect to it?
  11. Yes they can. Mac users can't.
  12. @VespaLX50 Is every server like this for the Mac users?
  13. Every 1.8 spigot server yes.