Solved Using an external JAR api FabledSkyblock

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  1. Hey! I am currently running IntelliJ and I used the project structure to add FabledSkyblock into my dependencies. Everything works great until I try to compile it when it throws the error

    com.songoda.skyblock.api does not exist!

    I am new to using external libraries so any help would be much appreciated.

    P.S FabledSkyblock.jar/com/songoda/skyblock/api does exist!
  2. So, there's multiple ways to compile/build projects in IntelliJ.
    IntelliJ can build artifacts, but it also has maven and gradle integration, which can also be used for building projects.
    Do you have a pom.xml in your project somewhere?
  3. Could you maybe send that? That would help!
  4. Okay, so it looks like you are using luckperms, vault and canvas. However, I don't see a FabledSkyblock dependency in the pom.
    Are you building with maven?
  5. Yeah, I used project structure in intellij to import the fabled jar which has a Skyblock Api class
  6. Yeah that's a problem. If you use maven to compile, and add the fabled jar to the libraries, it won't work. You have to add the maven dependency to your pom.
  7. Ohh gotcha, I'm going to try it now! Thanks

    EDIT: Got it after trying to find the repo for ages!

    For people having the same issue:
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  8. Yeah I was also looking for it, couldn't find it. Glad you found it!
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