Using BungeeCord for Load Balancing?

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  1. Is it possible to have 2 or 3 exact same servers connected through BungeeCord each generating separate parts of the map? Then they would be able to keep the resource usage down right? Or do I just need to skip BungeeCord and go for the reverse proxy?
  2. No, this is not possible, although you may split up certain aspects of your server for the "load balancing" you're looking for. For example, if you run a hybrid server with creative, minigames, survival, and all that, you could place each of those on separate servers and use BungeeCord to connect them together.
  3. So I could run, lets say my hunger games, on a completely different server. Not on the same machine right?
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  4. you can run multiple minecraft servers on the same hardware or different hardware and link them via Bungee or .


    For Instance,

    I have a dedicated Hub/Bungee server that links the Minecraft servers running on 2 separate servers.
  5. Just use RRDNS ( Round Robin DNS )
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  6. This is spot on for what I want to do! Is there a plan in place for the end of it?
  7. In the end couldn't I just use a Barracuda Load Balancer and find a way to get player data synced over all my servers?