Using placeholderapi placeholders inside a placeholderapi placeholder in a MDVW plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by LOOHP, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. While it is possible to use placeholderapi placeholders within a placeholderapi placeholder, I could't seem to get it to work in featherboard.

    For example, %server_countdown_dd/MM/yyyy-HH:mm:ss.SSS_{server_time_dd/MM/yyyy}-23:59:59.999%
    parse in papi would return a proper time, resulting in something like 22h 34m 10s

    {placeholderapi_server_countdown_dd/MM/yyyy-HH:mm:ss.SSS_{placeholderapi_server_time_dd/MM/yyyy}-23:59:59.999} wouldn't work as it will only parse the {placeholderapi_server_time_dd/MM/yyyy} part. Resulting in something like this,
  2. I think isn't possible use a placeholder inside another one.
  3. Well it is possible in some placeholderapi placeholders like the countdown one I mentioned.
  4. I came here to leave a reply saying: "The title hurts my head"
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